Cooking, baking, and making games can require some specialised tools. When getting started, I recommend you buy the bare minimum of what you need. Work out what you enjoy making most or think you’ll use most, then spend extra in that area.

To help you prepare for the Edible Games Cookbook, here are some of my preferred utensils and ingredients. And yes, I have bought all of these myself, so I can attest they are good.

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Utensils and Tools


Quality Scales are very important. These ones tell you when the battery is about to die which is essential

Great to have so many spoon options, including Aussie-sized tablespoons!

I love metal cups. These ones are clearly marked as Imperial so you don’t get them confused with metric

Although these are plastic, they are clearly marked as metric. 250ml for a cup makes SO much sense to me.

Measuring jugs are useful for liquids, especially when mixing multiple liquids

This high powered mixer means you don’t have to muck around with spoons when your batter is stiff

More basics and getting a bit more advanced

New version of my over 10 year-old heat-resistant spatula without any creases that catch food

Long and skinny heat-resistant spatula

Baking Mats have more uses than just in a baking tray. They’re good to use as a clean rolling surface too

Helps when trying to make cream puffs or cookies the same size

A solid baking tray that will last ages

I use piping bags SO much and cleaning non-disposable ones is a hassle. Handy to have two sizes 12″ for small jobs (eg icing) and 21″ for large jobs (eg frosting)

Basics for Chocolate Tempering

Results in less chocolate flicking everywhere compared to stick ones when they inevitably fall out of the bowl

Expensive for what it is, but boy does it do a good job of making neat edges for moulded chocolates

A cheaper and more multi-purpose alternative for scraping chocolate moulds

Useful for left-over chocolate from tempering

Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Hemisphere



Great sized and simple chocolate mould

Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Assorted



Useful for High Tea Assassin to group rounds

Decorating, Shaping and Cutting Tools

Useful for cake decorating and display. It rotates so smoothly, I can stop spinning it

Essential tool set for making fondant figures

Makes adorable seaweed faces in many different shapes

Useful for lids and tiles for my games

Great for mini “proper” English scones

Makes great shapes for Veggie Land

Cookie, Cupcake, and Cream Puff Supplies

Create consistent sized, thick, domed cookies. This size is reasonable for the cookie size most normal humans want to eat in a single cookie

Great colours to help distinguish which cupcakes are yours in Roll for Flavour

Mini cupcake liners for small bites when a standard sized cupcake would be too much

Large flat liners useful for cream puffs or a round of High Tea Assassin

Holds a large individual cream puff for Patisserie Code

Fits 4 cream puffs for final part 2 Patisserie Code selection

Special Items for Specific Edible Games

Used for Treasure Cake to search for blue stashes

Nice disposable spoons for Roll for Flavour

So adorable and perfect for crowning a Monarch in High Tea Assassin

Basic requirement to make flowers in your gelatine creations for J-Wobbler

Starter Kit with Tools



The full kit if you’d like to create more elaborate items or don’t want to buy all ingredients and supplies separately


Chocolate and Food Colouring

My preferred dark chocolate. You can buy it cheaper than here, so look around online for similar items from Callebaut.

If you have to use white chocolate for decorating or otherwise, at least do yourself a favour and buy quality white chocolate

Useful for colouring cocoa butter for chocolate decorations

High quality gel food colouring perfect for cookies, cakes, and when you don’t want to add as much liquid as standard food colouring.

Two tip sizes which helps with big and small quick decorating tasks

Specialist Decorating Supplies

Classic gold balls

You can make your own with edible rice paper & colouring with pens, but these make a quick and impressive alternative

A little bit of gold leaf goes a long, long way. This is probably way more than you need