A simple, charming pleasure” – Gamasutra

The Edible Games® Cookbook is a beautiful, full-colour, 410-page book with recipes and rules for 12 unique, delightfully edible games. Download the sample chapter and try the award-winning The Order of the Oven Mitt to get a (literal) taste of what’s in store.

Each chapter begins with the basic stats for the game: preparation time, baking difficulty, number of players, age range, game duration and whether or not the host/baker can play without spoilers. The rest of each chapter is divided into two sections: how to prepare the game and how to play the game.

Don’t like baking? Don’t have a kitchen? Don’t have the time to make everything from scratch? The Edible Games® Cookbook has you covered! Every recipe offers store-bought options and other ways to play that require less prep time. You choose how much or little time to spend creating each game.

Get ready to bake and create by looking at my recommended utensils, tools, and ingredients page.

Easy to understand” – Paste Magazine

I’ve assembled a team of professionals to create an amazing cookbook for you.