Fun and delicious” – Kotaku

The Edible Games® Cookbook is jam-packed with delectable games for players of all ages and tastes. 

You might be required to crack a secret code that’s baked into cream puffs; keep a straight face while eating something gross; conjure up a delectable morsel from a mishmash of ingredients; perform “sacred”, food-related rituals; test your memory and taste buds; or even eat your vegetables!

And that’s only half of the games you’ll get in the Edible Games® Cookbook. The food isn’t just a delicious treat on the side, it’s a vital part of playing the game. Read on to learn about the entire baker’s dozen of games.

The Order of the Oven Mitt

Doest thou have the appetite to become a Knight of the Oven Mitt?

A chess-style game where players must pass a “gruelling” initiation trial by following the Sacred Rituals to eat the Sacred Squares.

IndieCade interaction award winner 2016.

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Master Taster

Do you have the taste buds to become the Master Food Taster in the Land?

Julius Caesar & Marie Antoinette are picky eaters. Your job is to remember what they don’t like, taste the candies for them and decide whether they can eat them. It’s part memory, part taste bud challenge.

Veggie Land

Eat your veggies to be the first to reach the finish line

Roll the dice, then decide whether to move and eat the veggie on that square or sit tight and wait for something you like better. An adult modification of this game is Cheesy Land, with gourmet cheeses. Yum

Patisserie Code

An escape the room style game with dessert included

The Pastry Chef is recruiting French Underground fighters to serve as spies. She has encrypted her messages with a selection of flavour-coded cream puffs. Only by eating these delectable clues and working out the words they represent can you prove your loyalty to her sweet cause.

Taste Bud is Blind

Mix and match flavors to make the tastiest combination

Take a base ingredient, add up to 6 other ingredients, then feed it to the nominated “Taste Bud” for this round. You get points based on your rank AND the number of ingredients you use. Take turns being the blind “Taste Bud”.

Flavour Roulette

Risk your taste buds to poker-face your way to victory

Everything on the plate looks the same — but one of these things is not like the others. Take turns eating the food. If your bite tastes bad, try not to give it away. The player with the best poker face wins!

Gingerbread Friends

Find out more about your friends over some gingerbread

Ask one of the strange life questions and guess how the group will answer. If you’re right, you’ll get to eat a gingerbread lid and see if you’ve found a prize. If you haven’t got a prize, you might get a clue to where the next prize is.

Roll for Flavour

Compete for ingredients while baking

A game where you make unique cupcakes from scratch. The catch? You have to compete with others for the ingredients you want. It’s a game where you’ll create new flavours and learn how to bake.


Wobble your way to victory

Wobble a tray of jelly, land the jawbreaker on a bear, EAT that square! Now everyone has to avoid your hole! A fun and simple game that can be made using a packet of jelly or from scratch.

High Tea Assassin

A bluffing game with monarchs, jam, and scones!

Eat high tea delicacies like scones, cucumber sandwiches and chocolates to determine if you are the Monarch, Loyal Subject or Assassin. Can the Monarch deduce who is the Assassin and avoid getting killed by jam?

Cookie Cruncher

It’s like Tetris, but you can nibble the cookies to make them fit

Fit cookies onto a Scrabble-like grid to get points. Before placing the cookie, you can nibble off corners or heads to be able to fit more cookies in. The player with the most points wins.

Flip ‘n’ Stick

Throw your food and see what sticks!

Throw raisins or M&Ms at cookies smeared with peanut butter. If you hit the cookie you said you’d aim for, flip it upside down and get points for whatever sticks! Make your own cookies and peanut butter, or go nut-free and use crackers and hummus.

Treasure Cake

Can you steal the dragon’s secret treasure hiding in his cake using only a straw and your taste buds?

Poke your straw into the cake and extract the blue frosting in order to gather as much treasure as you can before the dragon comes toppling down. Treasure Cake is fun for birthdays, holidays or any other celebration.